Course Schedule : Pressure Vessel Design & Inspection

Day 1

Fundamentals of Materials.(physical and chemical properties)

Codes and Standards related to Pressure Vessels.

Introduction to ASME Section-II (Material Specifications).

Discussion on typical standards.(eg. ASME B16.5/ B16.47/ etc.)

Day 2

Basics of ASME Section VIII Div. 1 and Div.2

Design fundamentals and details from ASME Section VIII Div.1

Concepts of Allowable Stresses and Factors of Safety

Joint Category, Joint types

Joint efficiencies

Design of Cylindrical shells

Design of Dished heads (flat/ torispherical/ hemispherical/ ellipsoidal/ conical)

Day 3

External pressure calculations for shells

Case Studies and solved problems.

Reinforcement of openings (nozzles/manholes) – concepts.

Impact testing of materials for low temperature services.

Day 4

Fabrication Requirements

PWHT of Pressure Vessels and introduction to other heat treatments.

Typical welding practices and general knowledge of ASME Section IX for welder qualifications.

Inspection practices as per ASME Section V (RT/UT/ PT/ MT)

Pressure testing – Hydrostatic and Pneumatic

Code stamping

Day 5

Introduction/ discussion on Inservice Inspection requirements (API-510) and Risk Based Inspection (RBI).

Some basic concepts on corrosion and damage mechanisms to fixed equipment.

Interfaces/ coordination of the vessel designer with the consultants (piping/ instrumentation/ civil)

Final Examination (if required)

Close – down session.



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