Are you looking for supplier, vendor or looking for company to Joint Venture (JV)? No idea how to open office in India, worried about Indian corporate laws? So here we are “Solutions under one roof”- How to set up an office in India.

Complete Vendor Management- Find supplier, vendor or company for JV

Finding the right partner is an important and critical task to any company. When two companies located geographically at two different locations decide to enter into mutually beneficial associations, it involves lengthy processes which is a time and cost consuming task.

We are based out of Pune, India. Pune is the IT, manufacturing, Automobile hub of India. With our strong local network, huge database of companies, we can find supplier, vendor or just perfect JV Company for you.

Company formation process as per Indian corporate laws.

We have a team; consist of associates and partners who have dedicated Certified chartered accountants (CA), tax consultants, corporate financial advisors, legal consultants etc. All team members have huge practical experience in this area. We believe to provide trust worthy consultancy service at affordable prices.

Identifying the facility and Set up office (office place rent/ buy).

We have strong network of Real estate consultant, Builders. We can help you to find office to you. Whether you want to buy or to take on rent, we can provide you many options to choose right place for your office.

Set up infrastructure (interior, machines, computers, networking, etc.).

We can design and make ready to use office with our professional team of Interior designers as per your requirements.

We have associate companies who have experts in hardware solutions and can provide you best IT infrastructure solutions for your hardware requirements. We can provide Branded and assembled server computers, laptop, Firewalls, Laptops, Desktops, Printers, CCTV, and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

For the Business that demands the utmost in security and throughput we provide the best networking solutions like Wired networking (LAN, WAN), Wireless networking, Wireless switching, Security Applications, Wi-Fi, VPNs Firewall, Routers, Structure Cabling, etc.

Manpower services.

We will set up entire team so that you can start your day to day operation. We can assist you to build a team with help of our associates.



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